What the beginning of a new venture really feels like.

Written by Wanda Hartzenberg and ChatGTP


Living your dream is really scare!

Hey there, fellow dream chasers! I wanted to share with you the whirlwind adventure that is starting a business, straight from the trenches of entrepreneurship.

Imagine strapping yourself into a rocket headed for the stars – that’s how it feels diving into the world of business. It’s a thrilling mix of excitement, fear, and a touch of madness, where every day is a new adventure.

I started out with just an online shop, full of hopes and dreams. But soon, I found myself juggling between virtual storefronts and real-world markets, trying to find my footing in this wild journey.

Then came the pressure to open a physical store. Rent, utilities – it all sounded like a nightmare. So, I made the unconventional choice to turn my home into my business headquarters. Who needs a separate living room when you can have a library, right?

Living amidst stacks of books and shelves of dreams, I realized just how much I didn’t know about running a business. But thankfully, the internet became my lifeline. It’s amazing how many resources and tutorials are out there to help us navigate the murky waters of entrepreneurship.

Armed with the wisdom of the web, I dove headfirst into the sea of information, devouring everything I could find. It was like having my own virtual Hogwarts, where every Google search felt like casting a spell to solve my business dilemmas.

Despite the challenges and occasional existential crises, there were moments of pure magic: making my first sale, receiving glowing reviews from happy customers, and seeing my hard work pay off.

So, to all my fellow dreamers and doers out there, keep pushing forward. Every twist and turn in this journey is just another chapter in the greatest adventure of all – entrepreneurship. And remember, the internet is always there to lend a helping hand when you need it most. Let’s chase those dreams together!