The World’s Greatest Ghosts

Things that go bump in the night. Or not.

First off, here is my two cents. Oh Hi, it’s me Wanda.  

We bought as much of this series as we could. Not really knowing what we are buying but loving
the covers and the titles.

So we started to read this book and ended up loving it.

It has short one pager and less stories in it. No drama, very little guessing and all the info at hand.
Which made for a nice change in this genre specifically. I cannot recall a third of the stories I have read but you can be certain that I will try to work one of more of them into my writing in future. Even if it is slightly altered.

Give this book and series a go. I can tell you now, you will not regret the decision.

The World’s Greatest Ghosts

Part of a series of books which examines real-life stories that have made newspaper headlines around the world, this features ghost stories. Other titles available include “The World’s Greatest Secrets” and “The World’s Greatest Crimes of Passion”.

192 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1984

Original title

Worlds Greatest Ghosts (World’s Greatest)

This edition


192 pages, Paperback


April 25, 1991 by Bounty Books


9780600572305 (ISBN10: 0600572307)