The Prayer Warrior by Traci Wooden-Carlisle and D Tina Batten, a review

Written by Wanda Hartzenberg and ChatGTP

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A review about the audiobook, The Prayer Warrior.

First off, I would like to thank Netgalley for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review.

First off, thanks to my pal Rudi, better known as ChatGTP here is some information about the authors.  


  1. Traci Wooden-Carlisle: Traci Wooden-Carlisle is an author known for her Christian fiction novels. She writes in various genres, including romance, mystery, and suspense. Traci’s works often incorporate themes of faith, redemption, and personal growth. She has published several books, including the “Love’s Promise” series, the “Amazing Love” series, and the “Broken Heart” series. Traci Wooden-Carlisle is also passionate about empowering and encouraging other writers, offering advice and insights through her blog and social media platforms.

  2. Tina Batten: Tina Batten is an author who specializes in Christian fiction and co-authored the book “Prayer Warrior” with Traci Wooden-Carlisle. While specific information about Tina Batten is limited, “Prayer Warrior” is a collaborative effort that explores the power of prayer and its impact on spiritual warfare. The book likely delves into the role of prayer in overcoming challenges and seeking divine intervention.

Both Traci Wooden-Carlisle and Tina Batten have contributed to the Christian fiction genre, emphasizing themes of faith, love, and spiritual growth in their respective works. Their collaborative effort in “Prayer Warrior” showcases their shared interest in exploring the importance of prayer in the lives of believers.

Here follows a synopsis regarding the book as found from Goodreads.  Thank you Goodreads for this information.


The Prayer Warrior

There is a thin line between reality and the spiritual realm.
Ms. V., a humble servant of the Lord, has been placed on assignment at Center of Hope Christian Academy.

By day, she serves as a trusted counselor for students, giving them a safe haven to pour out their innermost feelings while providing professional and honest truth wrapped in a firm kindness and love that inevitably draws them closer to Jesus. Not to be outdone, the faculty also bends her ear from time to time.

By night, Ms. V. enters the spiritual realm and takes her place on the battlefield as one of God’s faithful prayer warriors. She wields her whispering sword, slicing through the enemy’s plans to bind the precious hearts under her charge.
Her assignment’s burden on her physical body is taxing, but can she withstand the strain and remain victorious?
Saving souls is her true mission, but at what cost?

Readers are in for a journey of spiritual intrigue and biblical insight as they experience the ramifications of each character’s life-altering decision.
Thanks to ChatGTP I bring you more information regarding the narrator of this book, Anita Faye Thomas.

Anita Faye Thomas: The Voice Behind the Veil


In the mesmerizing novel “The Prayer Warrior,” the narrator, Anita Faye Thomas, assumes an integral role in unraveling the tapestry of spiritual warfare. With her evocative storytelling and poignant observations, Anita’s unique voice brings depth and resonance to the narrative. This background piece delves into the enigmatic figure of Anita Faye Thomas, shedding light on her life, experiences, and the profound influence she wields as the narrator of this captivating tale.

A Journey of Faith:

Born into a devout family, Anita Faye Thomas grew up in the small town of Clearwater Springs, where faith played a central role in her upbringing. From an early age, she displayed a keen interest in matters of spirituality, drawn to the power of prayer and the unseen realm. As Anita matured, her passion for understanding the intricacies of faith deepened, driving her to explore the spiritual dimensions that intersect with our everyday lives.

Embracing the Power of Prayer:

Anita’s personal journey led her to discover the transformative power of prayer. She experienced firsthand the ways in which prayer can bring solace, guidance, and miraculous intervention. This profound connection with the divine propelled Anita to dive deeper into the mysteries of spiritual warfare, seeking to understand the battles fought beyond the physical realm. Through her unwavering faith and dedication, Anita emerged as a prayer warrior, armed with the knowledge that prayer holds the potential to shape destinies and conquer darkness.

The Gift of Insight:

Anita Faye Thomas possesses a unique gift—an ability to perceive the unseen and bring it to life through her storytelling. Her remarkable insights and keen observations reflect her deep understanding of the human experience and the spiritual forces at play. Anita’s narration in “The Prayer Warrior” is imbued with wisdom, compassion, and an unyielding commitment to truth. Her words bridge the gap between the ethereal and the tangible, offering readers a glimpse into the inner workings of spiritual battles and the transformative power of prayer.

A Veiled Identity:

While Anita Faye Thomas shares her wisdom and insights, her identity remains shrouded in mystery. The intentional decision to withhold her personal details adds a layer of intrigue to the narrative, allowing readers to focus on the essence of her message rather than external factors. Anita becomes a vessel through which readers can explore their own faith, connecting with the universal aspects of the spiritual journey she illuminates.

An Inspirational Force:

Through her narration, Anita Faye Thomas becomes an inspirational force, igniting a spark of curiosity and introspection in the hearts of readers. Her powerful words provoke contemplation and self-reflection, inviting individuals to examine their own prayer lives, faith journeys, and their role as spiritual warriors in a world besieged by darkness. Anita’s storytelling transcends the confines of the book, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those who encounter her powerful narrative.


Anita Faye Thomas, the captivating narrator of “The Prayer Warrior,” emerges as a symbol of faith, resilience, and spiritual insight. Her journey, steeped in a deep connection with prayer, inspires readers to embrace their own calling as prayer warriors. Anita’s identity may remain veiled, but her voice resonates with unwavering strength and conviction, compelling readers to explore the depths of their own spiritual battles and discover the transformative power of prayer.

In the world of “The Prayer Warrior,” Anita Faye Thomas stands as a testament to the capacity of faith, the mysteries of the unseen, and the enduring power of prayer. Her narrative serves as a beacon of hope, guiding readers towards a greater understanding of their own spiritual journey.

My two cents:

Thanks to the power of ChatGTP and other such resources writing a review with substance has become far easier.  I can tell my Rudi to write up some more details on specific authors and narrators etc.  He comes back with more information than I would ever bargain upon.  However.  He sees everything with rose colored lenses and the world is a bit more grey than that.  I enjoyed the book.  The narrator was perfect for the genre and the age etc of Miss V.  The authors did an amazing job in making this book a real time actionable example of living your life through prayers.


However that being said.  This is not my spiritual journey.  And it is not the one for some other readers out there.  I will not feel as if I am a failure because the journey in this books is not even close to mine.  Although I do admire Miss V for her steadfastness.  And please other readers.  Do not feel as if you are on the wrong path if your journey is not the same either.  We all approach the Throne in our own unique way.


This book and the narrator gets a good strong 3* review from me.


Author Traci Wooden-Carlisle

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