The 6th Target by James Patterson

Review by Wanda Hartzenberg

A review of The 6th Target by James Patterson

Alright, let’s dive into “The 6th Target” – the rollercoaster ride of gifted toddler abductions, which had me hooked from the start. Yet, the conclusion… well, it was like expecting a gourmet meal and being served a soggy sandwich. However, in my disappointment, a spark of genius struck, brewing up a whole new plot idea. So, hey, extra star for the accidental inspiration!

Now, onto the characters—these folks are like old pals you catch up with book after book. They grow on you, and suddenly you’re emotionally invested. Hence, star number two for character development!

But let’s not forget the ease of reading; this book flows smoother than a buttered-up slide. It’s perfect for those days when you just want to relax and not tax your brain cells. Last but not least, the final star for keeping things breezy.

Overall, “The 6th Target” isn’t mind-blowing; it’s more like your reliable, slightly quirky friend. You know, the one who’s not the life of the party but has some pretty entertaining stories to share.

Now, for the book blurb:

When the Women’s Murder Club faces gifted toddler abductions, it’s a wild ride with more ups and downs than a theme park. But buckle up because this isn’t just about crime-solving—it’s about characters evolving like fine wine (or maybe a cheese that grows on you). You might feel a tad let down in parts, but hey, there’s accidental inspiration waiting to be discovered. So, if you fancy a read that won’t ask too much of your gray matter, grab “The 6th Target” and hop on this thrilling, slightly quirky adventure!