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Garbage Man 


Joseph D’Lacey (Goodreads Author) 

 3.62  ·   Rating details ·  261 ratings  ·  55 reviews 

“Joseph D’Lacey rocks!”  —Stephen King 
Mason Brand has fled his life as a celebrated photographer and renounced his past. He is living rough, as a hermit in the Welsh hills, when something happens to him among the mossy oaks. He begins to hear “the calling.” Years later, Mason is living with sight of a colossal landfill dump, and he hears “the calling” again. This time he will heed it, and it will lead him, for he is called to assist in a terrible birth—out of the waste of human society comes a thing, and its enemy is human. Tackling the issue of the environment and landfill sites, this chilling fable of eco-horror asks what happens to all the unwanted things we bury, because they just won’t go away. 


I don’t know what to say about this book. In awe seems such inadequate words for the description. A good book, it’s not. A fantastic, inspiring, wonderfully written, imaginative, can’t-put-it-down book is more like it. I have never read anything like this before and am very curious about his other books. He has written 31 so far. I could describe about the three-dimensional characters and Joseph’s ability to transport you to another world, but in plain text, you got to read this. Plain and simple. 

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Joseph D’Lacey (Goodreads Author)