“Stitching Together a Record: BluJeans Books’ Community Involvement in Rocking the Vaal”

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Then we got high. Then we got high. Then we got high. Look at what it looks like from the sky here.

Title: Crocheting and reading, all in a days work at BluJeans Books

View of the scarfs from way on high!

Title: “Crocheting Warmth, Breaking Records, and Spreading Smiles: A BluJeans Books Adventure in Rocking the Vaal!”

Hey there bookworms and crochet enthusiasts! Have we got a yarn to spin for you! Picture this: a cozy little second-hand bookshop nestled in Pretoria, South Africa, where the shelves are stacked high with tales waiting to be told. But hold onto your bookmarks, because BluJeans Books recently embarked on an adventure that took us beyond the pages and into the world of record-breaking crochet madness!

It all started with a stitch and a dream. You see, our little corner of Pretoria got wind of something big happening down in the Vaal Triangle. A community event like no other, where folks were coming together to crochet their way into the Guinness World Records. And guess what? We just had to be a part of it!

Now, let’s set the scene: a sea of colorful yarn, crochet hooks clacking away like a lively chorus, and a whole lot of laughter and camaraderie. BluJeans Books, represented by yours truly (that’s me!), my fabulous wife Hantie Hartzenberg, and our trusty colleague Donovan Fraser, dove headfirst into the world of crochet with all the grace of a pack of eager bookworms chasing after a new release.

But hold onto your hats, because the plot thickens! Little did we know, our very own Hannetjie Goosen, the matriarch of our Deneysville Branch, was already knee-deep in crochet mania herself! Talk about a serendipitous stitch in time! With needles in hand and a twinkle in our eyes, we joined forces with Mother Goosen to crochet our hearts out for a cause bigger than ourselves.

Now, let’s talk numbers. Between the four of us, we managed to whip up a grand total of 16 scarves. Okay, okay, so maybe we didn’t break any personal records, but hey, who’s counting when you’re having this much fun, right? And let’s give credit where credit is due—Mother Goosen, with her expert hands and boundless enthusiasm, churned out a whopping 9 scarves all on her own! We salute you, Mother!

Yes, even Lapa and Jan Bonthuys was in on this.  

Fast forward to the big day, where the Guinness World Record team descended upon us like literary superheroes ready to measure our masterpiece. Two days of meticulous measuring later, and drumroll, please… we smashed the previous record by a staggering 6,404 kilometers! Cue the confetti and crochet-themed celebrations!

But hey, it’s not all about breaking records and basking in glory. Nope, the heart and soul of this whole shindig lie in giving back to those in need. And let me tell you, folks, the warmth we felt knowing that our humble crochet creations would soon be wrapping around the shoulders of the less fortunate this winter? That’s a feeling worth more than any world record.

So here’s to books, to life, and to communities coming together in the most unexpected of ways. As we cozy up with our favorite reads this winter, let’s remember to spread a little warmth, feed a few souls, and keep those hooks clacking in the name of compassion.

Stay warm, stay fed, stay read, and above all, keep spreading those smiles like a well-loved paperback passed from hand to hand. Until next time, dear readers, keep on rocking the Vaal—and don’t forget to bookmark this chapter in BluJeans Books’ epic adventure! 📚❤️🧶