Snow Flake, a review of an illusion

Written by Wanda Hartzenberg and I had ChatGPT help me.

A snow globe of a read.

Book Review: Snowflakes by Ruth Ware

⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3 stars)

Ruth Ware’s Snowflakes is like that enigmatic snow globe you find in your grandma’s attic: a brief, curious shake of intrigue, but ultimately a fleeting flurry. With a Goodreads rating of 3.52 and over 13,000 readers giving it a go, you’d think this short story would pack a blizzard of thrills. But alas, it’s more of a gentle dusting.

The story centers around Leah and her family, who live on a remote island. Their peaceful existence is disrupted when Father, sensing a threat, decides it’s time to build a wall. (Sound familiar? No political undertones here, I promise!) As the wall rises, so does the tension, with Father’s paranoia turning their sanctuary into a snow globe of suspense.

Ruth Ware, the bestselling author of The Woman in Cabin 10, is known for her gripping tales. However, Snowflakes left me feeling like I was waiting for a snowstorm that never came. As an avid Ware fan (seriously, my TBR pile has her name all over it), I found this story entertaining but not as enthralling as her full-length novels.

Now, let’s talk about the narrator. The voice behind the audiobook deserves a round of applause! Her pacing, pronunciation, and overall delivery were as smooth as freshly fallen snow. She made the listening experience enjoyable and definitely added a star to my rating.

Despite the underwhelming plot, Snowflakes still offers a solid three-star listen. It’s perfect for a quick escape into Ware’s world of suspense, especially if you, like me, have an ever-growing pile of her books waiting to be devoured.

In conclusion, Snowflakes is a delightful nibble but not a full feast. For die-hard Ruth Ware fans, it’s a decent addition to the collection. For everyone else, maybe start with her more renowned works. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a towering TBR pile calling my name—and you can bet there are a few Ruth Ware novels buried in there somewhere!

Happy reading (or listening)!