Shattered lives: Adv Barbie review

The story of advocate Barbie

Our previous review by Wanda Hartzenberg:

Shattered Lives: The Story of Advocate Barbie

Warning: Explicit Content
Authored by former Eyewitness News reporter, Liezl Thom, and Forensic Profiler, Laurie Pieters. It is a behind-the-hype account of the human tragedy that began in the affluent suburb of Raslouw, then took a nasty turn on the streets of Sunnyside, eventually ending as the doors of Pretoria Central Prison slammed shut behind “Advocate Barbie”.
Careers were destroyed and lives torn apart as the advocate couple played Russian Roulette with the futures of the innocent. Shattered Lives reveals the tragic aftermath of the lover’s destructive relationship and brings to the fore many previously unknown and intimate details of their escapades.
Review done by Hantie Hartzenberg
Barbie, barbie, barbie. What can I say. So many, many things come to mind, but my mother told me not to speak like that. 
So this is my thoughts on this book.
Firstly the authors, Liezl and Laurie are brilliant writes. They did a fantastic job at portraying more or less the truth of what happened. I know the truth is always tainted by a person’s experiences, etc. but they really tried and you do get a sense of that in the book. So on that, well done. 
Secondly the book is well laid out. Every one that has been a witness to the trail or victims at the hands off, get their story told. Well done on that.
Then we get to the main characters in this book. Cezanne and Dirk.
Oh what a lovely couple do they make. 
Now as I understand the whole BDSM game, the master/slave thing it’s about being humiliated privately or publicly for one or other arousal. I thinks that downplaying it, but that is my understand. 
So, If you play this little game in your own house, with your own partner within the lines of the law and NO ONE ELSE gets hurt, then it’s fine. 
But when you get other people to ‘play’ with you unwillingly, that’s where the issue comes in.
Cezanne, you and Dirk took this little game of yours too far. No use in denying it. No use in pulling up the old “ah save me, because I am battered” excuse if you played just as hard as he did. 
If you got the chance again, you would continue this little game. There is nothing quiet like that adrenaline rush, ne.
Let me stop here. This is how far my sanity and the guard in front of my mouth will allow me.
If you get your hands on a copy, read it. Definitely.
True account
Beware. This book is not for the faint of hearted.