Review – Travelers by Brett Riley

Audiobook review

First off, thank you Netgalley for this audiobook.  As always it was great fun listening to a book.

About the book, thank you Goodreads for the following info.

Freaks #2


Falling in love. Evading the authorities. Chasing the rabbits.

Now high school sophomores, the self-styled “Freaks” are back in class in quiet Quapaw City, Arkansas. They grapple with the ordinary challenges of everyday teen life: cliques, cars, and crushes. While everything appears normal on the surface, looks have rarely been more deceiving. A secret government task force—fully aware of the unusual powers the Freaks have acquired—is determined to capture them. Even as the mysterious Baltar Sterne shares ancient wisdom and offers hope, a new menace silently emerges in the woods outside of town. Clever, inexorable, and far more lethal than the Freaks’ first superhuman foe, this traveler from another world possesses powers that can only be described as godlike. The Freaks and their town will be tested in horrific ways they are powerless to predict or even imagine.


First published August 2, 2022

Freaks (#2)

This edition

August 2, 2022
Narrated by
  • Narrated by: P.J. Morgan here is more about the narrator.

  • For narration this book gets a solid four from me.  The narrator fits into the place, mood and age of the characters. 

As for the book itself.  Another four stars.

For the intended age group this book is brilliant.  I am well into being middle aged now.  And I still had so much fun listening to the story.  

It is a bit violent but not even close to what I would consider being too much of anything.  Rather realistic even when all things are considered.

I can not wait for book three in the series.  Geez, I hope their will be a book THREE.