Review of The House At The Edge Of The Wood

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Review of The House At The Edge Of The Wood

The House At The Edge Of The Wood

The unsolved mystery of a murder lies at the heart of this page-turning story of a young couple who are struggling to find happiness and meaning in their lives together . . .

When Ben was seven, his mother was murdered in the woods while he waited for her in their car.

The case made the front pages, but her killer was never found.

Thirty years later, Ben has a safe, grown-up life: a job, a ramshackle cottage and, most importantly, a happy marriage to Rebecca.

His mother has receded to the corners of his mind, lingering only in the nightmares that won’t quite go away.

Then Rebecca takes on a new job, painting a fairy-tale fresco for a wealthy businessman who starts asking questions about Ben’s mother . . .

Is it time for the truth to come out – and for Ben to face the questions he’s never dared ask before?


What I Thought of the book:

That I thought… Okay, the beginning was a very good. It had all the right elements of a fantastic thriller and I was looking forward to it. Somewhere in the middle there was too many loose ends, like any thriller should have. I read through it in anticipation. The end….. According to my opinion, collapsed. I expected a lot more. Rachel Hancox built this fantastic story and she gave you two suspects but it kinda fell through for me. 

Maybe this book fits some one else’s taste, having a happy ending and people reuniting. I just expected more. The book is fantastically written. It is a page turner and Rachel keeps you gripped. Like I said, the ending was just not what I expected.