Review of The Days of Noah book 3


(The Days of Noah #3) 


Mark Goodwin (Goodreads Author) 

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In The Days of Noah, Book Three: Perdition, the end times fall on America like a shadow of darkness and the last days bring an onslaught of sword, famine and plague. Biblical prophecies are fulfilled when a world leader arises to pull the nations back from the brink of disaster and usher in a new age of peace, but at what cost? In the aftermath of the collapse, America is left to flounder while the rest of the world is rebuilt under the rule of the Global Republic. Noah Parker and his family refuse to take the pledge to the world order and are thereby excluded from the one-world economy which functions using a cashless electronic currency. When the Global Republic finally arrives to begin rebuilding the former United States, Noah and the true Christian community are labeled as terrorist, hunted down like animals and forced to choose between fight or flight. 



Review of The Days of Noah book 3 – Perdition 

By Hantie Hartzenberg 


I have listened to the whole series (book 1 – 3) via Audible. The Narrator did a fantastic job on the books. He really brought the story to life. There was a lot of interesting facts in the book, some of it I knew, some I heard about and others I did not. The flow of the story was magnificent. I admire the research done in the books for the story. I know it is fictional, but it would still be a challenge to write a story around these end times and make it sound believable. Overall, it was a good series and | would recommend it to all Christian readers who love end time stories.

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