Review of The Clutter Fix by Shannon Acheson



The Clutter Fix: The No-Fail, Stress-Free Guide to Organizing Your Home

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If you struggle with a disorganized, cluttered home, decorator and author Shannon Acheson is here to help. She will help you create the space that best serves the rhythms and routines of your family through checklists, cheat sheets, charts, and fun coloring sheets. Clutter isn’t just about the stuff. It’s about how you feel in your home–and in your mind.
Thank you Goodreads for the information above.  
So I requested this book and a few others from Netgalley.  I am not a fan of the Netgalley reading app and will not request more books to read but will most certainly request more audiobooks.  
So my wife and I started.  And it was FUN.  Not what I expected.  We recorded the first few days on TikTok so here is a link of one of those short video’s.

I hope that link works.  

The book does not state that it is fit for all.  Or a one size fits all.  It gives the reader quite a bit of space to adapt and adjust the basic principle to their schedule and their homes.  

I loved the fact that the writer writes this book from a Christian POV.  And shares text from the Bible to motivate the reader.  That was quite an original premise for me.  

So in total even though I did not manage to read nor work through the entire book, I found it very helpful and above all a fun book to use to work on that pesky clutter.