Review of: The 8th Confession by James Patterson

Written by ChatGTP and Wanda Hartzenberg

Women's Murder Club #8 The 8th Confession James Patterson , Maxine Paetro

A review by Wanda Hartzenberg

“🌟 Explore the secrets behind San Francisco’s opulent mansions! 🏰

Dive into a thrilling world where beautiful people revel in 💰💊🍸🔥.

‘This book I really liked; however, it didn’t quite reach the level of love for me.’

While it’s an entertaining and fast-paced read with intriguing twists, there’s an underlying sentiment I couldn’t shake. Patterson’s prolific output seems to prioritize quantity over quality. He’s amassed a fortune, but it feels like a trade-off between craftsmanship and mass production.

The book is engaging, no doubt, but it leaves me wondering if it’s part of a money-making machine rather than a work born purely out of creative craftsmanship. There’s a sense that Patterson might be sacrificing the depth and nuance of his storytelling for the sake of bulk production and commercial success.

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