Review of the $10,000,000 Marriage Proposal

By James Patterson and Hilary Liftin

Wanda’s review of the

$10,000,000 Marriage Proposal

This is not exactly my first book shot but I have not read that many either.  However.  The best thing about this book is the cover.  IT IS SOOOOOOO GIRLY…. I love it.  

So the book had potential.  It really did.  But apart from the cover the best thing about this book was that it was short.  The ending was totally a let down and although sweet it was flat.  

Totally flat.  So, now I am left wondering if the rest would be better.  It better be because I own a few of them now and I will be horribly disappointed if all the books end in something so predictable and …. and ….. and flat.  Where was the twist.  A bit of intrigue.  A bit of a risk even.  Absolutely nowhere.  Like I said.  Cool cover on this edition whilst on the other editions I can not say the same so not even that comes standard.  

We still do adore Patterson and that is why we have some of his books for sale.  Check this one out!

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Over to the wifey who is bound to give it even less stars than I am.

2 * from me.  One for the cover and the other because it was at least short so I did not suffer long.


Wifey here…

So this little book. I read it alongside my wifey. When it was done I gave a round of applause, because it was done.  In a perfect world this story would happen exactly the way it did. In a perfect world you would meet the bachelor of your dreams, very wealthy, very attractive, very smart, very shy. And you would fall in love instantaneously. In a perfect world. I have no doubt about the writer’s ability to write. Hilary Liftin. I am sure she would go very far amongst the romance readers. But for me, it’s a definite no. I would not read this again. If you want to try it, go ahead. A 1 star from me. Sorry Hilary and James.