Review of Monster by Allan Hall


As I can gather from other reviews on this book it is in principle only a
collection of open source information regarding the Fritzl family and the tragedy
brought upon them by the very man that was supposed to protect them.

I found the book interesting and captivating and as disturbing as a true crime book can be. I
knew about the story obviously but did not have the time or access at the time to follow it
with this much detail to it. I had a quick look around and see that he has been sentenced etc and
that Elizabeth is making a new life for herself. For that I am delighted.

How much her new life is normal after this ordeal is however something nobody will ever truly know.
I am sorry for her and her six remaining children. They will live with this shadow over them for the rest of their lives. But at the very least they are alive to live as they wish.

4 Star read!