Review of A Cruel Twist Of Fate

Review done by Blujeans Books

A Cuel Twist Of Fate


by H.F Askwith

And Then There Were None meets The Inheritance Games, with a heavy dash of The Woman in Black, in this gloriously gothic YA mystery-thriller.

When eighteen-year-old Helena is sent to be a governess at Archfall Manor – a beautiful but crumbling manor house, perched at the edge of a causeway in the North Sea – she feels confident she will know how to deal with the esteemed but eccentric Cauldwell family who own it. But it quickly becomes clear that the Cauldwells are hiding more than Helena could ever have dreamed of.

A series of sinister events come to a head with a gruesome death – swiftly followed by another. Worse still, with the path back to the mainland cut off by a terrible storm, and no way to get help, suspicions and paranoia quickly run rampant.

But the Cauldwells aren’t the only ones keeping secrets. Helena has some very important ones of her own – and soon she begins to wonder whether dark powers beyond her control might be forcing her to twist the fate of the family – and her own destiny – forever.

What I thought of the book:

This book fall under the young adult genre. When you read the book, you will forget the genre. This book sucked me into another time and dimension with it’s little twists and turns. A good ol’ cozy mystery? No. It never was and never will be. If you search the meaning of the genre cozy mystery, it somewhat resembles this book, BUT there is another element that doesn’t fit into the classic genre titles. This is the reason why I loved this book. 

It is brilliantly written and all the loose ties were tied up in the end. Nothing was left hanging. Brilliant.