Review-Never Never-Hoover and Fisher

Hi, It’s me Wanda, my wife and I listened to this book together.

Like so many other people I became aware of Colleen Hoover due to her notoriety on TikTok.

Not my favorite social media but one I use once in a blue moon.  Now.  I did not see her (the author) or an actual review.

What I saw was one after the other very young girl fawning over this “new” phenomenon.  I dismissed it.

I do not mind YA literature but I will not go out of my way to find it either.  


Yes, the plot thickens.  Then a friend of mine asked if I had a copy of her book, Verity.  No I said and asked if it were for her or a grandchild.  No she said.  She keeps hearing about this book and it sounds great.  I listened but I went on with my life in anyway.  So….

Yes another plot twist… 

I was reading something on a blog site and found a short description of some of her books.  Never Never was the description that grabbed me and would not let go.  

So I caved but could not find her book in print so ended up waiting for three credits via Audible … that link there is the link to the first part of the book … and bought all three.  We started to listen.

We were hooked three words past THIS IS AN AUDIBLE … 

I kid you not.  You live in this story.  You love Charlie, learn that not all of what makes up Charlie is so lovable.  You fall in love with Silas and wish your first love could be half as decent only to find that he too has feet of clay but a love bigger than the rock of Gibraltar.  

Their trials and tribulations lacks the normal teenage angst.  No thangs.  No full moon.  Only two people that are perfectly imperfect and totally the perfect couple when they can be together but they seem to make every possible choice not to be together.  Or have they?

Want to find out.  Then read the book.  ASAP.  It is awesome.  

As for the narrators:

They rocked and their voices were both age appropriate without being annoying.  I loved both of them in the parts they played in bringing this book to life.  

It gets a well deserved 4 brilliant **** from me.  

Read more about Colleen Hoover here…


Now over to my better half.  Hantie I love you girl.  

Hi. It’s Hantie here. So, on this book. My opinion. I really don’t like young adult books. There is an exception here and there, but the teenage angst and anxieties. Every problem is personal and it’s the end of their world. Aah emotional damage! I was never a teenager. No, not me. LOL. What I can say about this book, though, is the following: Colleen… you CAN write. This book was amazing. It hooked us from the start. You managed teenagers without the complete takeover of angst. I am going to say it. I love this book. You managed to convert me. I am hooked. Give that lady a bells!

People, there is a reason this woman is on the amazon top seller list. Get one of her books. Seriously.

Thanks Wanda. Forever and ever amen.




Never never