Review: Mr Cool

Written by Jacqueline Wilson

Illustrated by Stephen Lewis

Review by Wanda Hartzenberg for BluJeans Books.

Review of a children's book written for ages 5-8

“Mr. Cool: A Rockin’ Adventure for Tiny Tots!”

Blurb: “Ricky, Micky, and Nicky are on a quest for stardom, but there’s one small hiccup—they need a place to jam. Enter Kevin and his grandma’s basement, the unexpected HQ for their epic rock band dreams. Sure, Kevin may not have the voice of an angel or the moves of a dancing sensation, but he’s about to prove that rock stardom has no rules! Get ready for a giggle-packed journey with ‘Mr. Cool’ by Jacqueline Wilson, a tale that rocks for children aged 5-8. 🎸✨”

Review: Step into the world of ‘Mr. Cool,’ where rock stars are born, and basements become band sanctuaries. Aimed at the junior rock enthusiasts in the 5-8 age range, this book is not just a read; it’s a backstage pass to hilarity!

Jacqueline Wilson hits the right notes with a rhythm of repetition, introducing kids to three powerhouse words – brilliant, terrific, and fantastic. Not only does this guarantee a joyous reading experience, but it also sneakily imparts essential spelling lessons. Who said learning can’t be a blast?

And let’s not forget the visual feast provided by Stephen Lewis’ illustrations! Fun, not overly complicated, and bursting with vibrant colors, they add an extra layer of awesomeness to this rockin’ adventure.

The plot swirls around a timeless dilemma: can you be a superstar without a dash of natural talent? ‘Mr. Cool’ tells us, heck yes! Through the power of friendship and a good ol’ grandma’s basement, Kevin proves that you don’t need to hit the high notes to be a valuable part of the band.

The story not only resonates with the desire for fame but explores a more profound question – do you need to be cool to be accepted? ‘Mr. Cool’ unearths the treasure of loyalty, leaving readers with a grin as wide as Kevin’s throughout the tale. 🤘😄

This book isn’t just a rock and roll fantasy; it’s a guide for tiny rebels navigating the complexities of coolness. So, parents, buckle up for a read that’s more epic than a toddler mosh pit! #RockinReads #ChildrensBooks #KidLit #MrCoolAdventures 📚🎉