Review – Abandon US Audiobook by E.T. Gunnarsson

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Odemark #1

Abandon Us

How hard must a man fight when the apocalypse arrives?

Civil war ravishes the country. The economy collapses. A plague spreads like fire, and pollution darkens the sky. This is the toxic world of Robert Ashton. A wasteland of broken dreams, death, tech, and mutants. But he is not alone.

He and his partner navigate life underground, where it is safer. Society has buckled, and working as a smuggler, Robert builds a criminal life to keep the two of them fed. But nothing lasts forever, and he is forced to return to the surface when the underground suffers a brutal military raid. What he discovers shocks a man who thinks he cannot be shocked anymore.

He emerges into the hellscape of the Third World War…

302 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 21, 2022

Odemark (#1)
June 21, 2022 by Bragi Press
I received this book on Audio for an honest review via Netgalley and wishes to thank them for the opportunity to listen to this book for free and to leave a voluntary review.
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Let us start this review with Craig Bowles, the narrator.

He did a fine job. His pace was appropriate.  His voice matched the character and the situation but not necessarily the location.

He sounded awfully British to me while the book plays off in the US.  Note though.  I live in Africa so I may be mistaken about the location but he did not sound very American to me.

The plot.  

The plot was entertaining but predictable.  There was nothing particularly new or fresh regarding the plot.

The Dialogue.

Apparently when you can die at any second you cuss a lot.  I do not really blame them but it got to be a bit much.  

The world building.

Now here is where the book wins points. The world building was really well done.  The desolation, desperation etc really came to life with a pop.

So overall






Still.  Not at all a bad story to listen to.  

It is simply not earth shattering in it’s genre.  

Abandon US