Pick n Pay Clothing, Codonia Ave, Waverley, Pretoria, 0186, Waverly Plaza, Hertzogstreet

Reviewed by Wanda Hartzenberg.

Local guide review, Pick n Pay Clothing, Waverley Plaza

I ain’t critiquing the Pick n Pay Family Waverly today, no siree. My focus is solely on the Pick n Pay Clothing store. Now, let me tell ya, that place is jam-packed! It’s like they wanna use every square meter available for displaying stuff, but they forgot to leave enough space for us to move around freely. Talk about a tight squeeze, my bru. That’s the downside of this specific store in Waverly Plaza.

But hey, here’s the good news. The folks working there aren’t pushy at all. They don’t give you that “you’re wasting my time” vibe, you know? They’re always ready to lend a hand whenever possible. And let me tell ya, they hustle! They work like lightning with a smile on their faces, greeting you warmly and sending you off with a heartfelt “mooi loop.” Can’t beat that, my friend.