Hard-boiled Crime -a lesser known subgenre

Hard-boiled Crime as a subgenre

As far as weird and wonderful lesser known sub-genre’s goes this one sounds as if it is more the norm these days than being one of the not so popular genre’s.

Hard-boiled Crime is a subgenre of crime fiction which strips the book from sentimentality and subjectivity in order to detract from the gruesome experience. Thus, hard-boiled crime fiction includes crimes that are ghastly, without any embellishment or smoothening over. It is graphic and unadulterated. Dashiell Hammett’s “The Maltese Falcon” is one of the earliest examples of this type of fiction and a classic exemplar of its type.

More modern authors that in part remind me of this subgenre is Karen Rose whom I adore and Tami Hoag.  At times they do employ this technique but then let the reader off the tight rope with more human and frail characters whom you can grow attached to. 

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