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Question: How much does shipping cost?

Answer: Shipping is calculated on the weight and dimensions of the package. We Make use of PUDO from Courier Guy to send our books to you. 

Question: PUDO uses lockers. So, what happens if I don’t have a locker close to me?

Answer: Yes, PUDO uses the locker system. If it happens that you don’t have a locker close to you or it is dangerous for you to access one, just let us know and we can send the book directly to your door. Please just make sure that there is someone to receive it. 

Question: What areas do you cover with your shipping?

Answer: We ship packages country wide. Doesn’t matter if you are in Cape Town or Limpopo, we will get your books to you.

Question: How do I go about ordering a book from you?

Answer: Firstly, find the book you want. Either by clicking on the search bar or click on the category clouds on the home page or scroll through the books. Then click on the book you want. You will see a full description of the book, ISBN, plot of the book and the price. Click on the add to cart icon. On the top right corner you will see the little trolley cart. Click on your cart to proceed to checkout. Your shipping fees will be calculated in your price. Then click on the proceed to checkout icon. From there the order is placed and all you need to do is fill in your adress and pay the amount. We will then contact you personally to arrange the delivery.

Question: How do I pay for my purchase?

Answer: We have three methods installed. One – pay it directly intou our bank account. Details provided when selecting this option. Two – Pay via card on the yoco method. Three – pay via Paypal. You have to have a Paypal account for this one. 

Question: How long does it take for my books to reach me once shipped?

Answer: It takes one to four business days. We never had the four business days waiting time, but that is what courier guy can offer us. We are just as excited as you to get the book to you, so we check the progress every couple of minutes. Should there be a snag, we are on top of it and we will let you know if something is wrong. 

Question: If it happens that I can collect myself, how does that work? 

Answer: Okey, this is where it gets a bit tricky. You still search for the book on our website, find the book, but then…. On the contact us page, our telephone numbers are displayed. Please send us a Whatsapp or give us a call or send an email telling us what book it is, and when you will be able to come and collect. We will then send you our address or arrange an alternative pick up spot. Now the tricky part: We will deliver for free in a radius of 5km of our depot. We will tell you of course if you fall within that range or not. Further delivery will require delivery fee. 

EXTRA INFO: If you are looking for a specific book, but don’t see it on our website, please feel free to contact us. Go to the contact us page, fill in the form with your details and the details of the book and send. We will get back to you.