Don’t Go to sleep by Bryce Moore


Thank you Goodreads for this blurb.  

A seventeen-year-old girl goes up against the notorious axe man murderer in 1918 in this suspenseful historical fiction story from the author of The Perfect Place to Die. 
Gianna is the average seventeen-year-old girl living in 1918 New Orleans. She worries about her family’s store, the great war, and a mysterious illness that’s about to take hold of the city she loves. 
It doesn’t help that there also appears to be a mad man on the loose in her neighborhood. The attacks started as burglaries but soon escalate to cold blooded murder. There’s a killer out there, and the police can’t seem to figure out how to stop him. 
Gianna enlists the help of her friend Enzo to investigate. And as they study the crimes, they see a common link between the victims, and Gianna can’t help but wonder if it’s the same man who attacked her family years before. 
As Gianna gets closer to the killer, she discovers a connection between them that she never would have suspected.   


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Daniela Acitelli  

My review 

First off. Thank you, Goodreads for the audiobook in exchange of an honest and fair review. 


I like the plot. I liked the writing but I have come to the conclusion that this must be a YA book because of the lack of character development etc. in the story. It has a lot of action; it is violent and explicit with the details of the violence at times and that may very well appeal to a young reader group. It is still suitable for young adults and it contains no sexual references but the supernatural and the violence is something I think parents should take note off before purchase. I know at the age of 11 onward this book would have suited me fine. But it will depend on a specific child. 


The rest of the story was really good. The final fight was nail-biting and I really enjoyed it.  

As for the narrator Daniela Acitelli. Well, her voice is far too old for the main characters age. She reads slow and her voice is clear and professional but it suits the older Italian characters in the book far better than our 17-year-old heroin. Not a bad narrator at all but not suitable for this book.  

I could put the book down for a day or two thus not a five-star read for me. 

The characters are not well fleshed out, the effort has been put into the action scenes instead which is fine if it is meant as a young adult book. If, however it was aimed at adults and since I am adulty sometimes the book lost another star from me. The audio rendition loses two stars as well, one for the fact that the narrator was inappropriately picked and secondly for the slow speed in which the book was narrated. So, in total a three-star read and not at all a bad book or a bad audiobook to read.  

Don’t Go to sleep by Bryce Moore