Dark Video – Peter Church Review

What the book is about:

Dark Video

A minibus taxi flipping spectacularly on its head; two teenagers engaged in illicit sex in a shopping-mall rest room; a raunchy table dance in a Cape Town strip club… What have these scenes got to do with a beautiful young woman running through Newlands Forest early on a Sunday morning?
Alistair Morgan is the key. A gifted law student with a glittering career in the offing, Alistair seems to have it all: looks, charm and money – and the attention of the hottest girls on campus. But his privileged lifestyle is about to be turned upside down as he is lured deeper and deeper into the sinister online world of Dark Video, where reality blurs and morals unravel.
From the ominous slopes of Table Mountain and the murky depths of False Bay to a dusty Karoo farm and the limestone cliffs of Arniston, Dark Video is an intense thriller that will keep you spellbound from the word go.
What I thought of the book:
Review done by Hantie Hartzenberg.
I got the book for a pre-Christmas present. We implemented the Icelandic tradition (Christmas book flood) and gave each other books on the 24th of December. I finally got round to reading it. I know, I know it’s almost April. Anyhow, I did read it. 
So? what did I think about it?
Well…. it was a really good book. After every few chapters I had to put the book down, curse a little, rant to my wife about how stupid these kids are and then pick up and read further. That was how the book went. At the end, there was this little twist. Just a last stab in my heart that gave its last throb, bleeding out on the floor. Now… It will never be the same. 
But read the book for yourself, and also get your heart ripped out and torn to pieces, your last breath stolen away with the end. 
It’s worth it. Really.