Audible review on Death Notes by James Hunt

Review done by Wanda Hartzenberg from Blujeansbooks.

Missing Box set: Audible via Amazon.

Audiobook review

I seriously can not recommend this book. Here is why I Wanda Hartzenberg feels it is not up to par.

Death Notes: The Beginning- Book 0

The story is the start to a box set I bought via Amazon.

The narrator is fantastic. As for the story. It is the start and hopefully will get better.
However the plot is rather thin. The character development for Adila is fine and I hope the rest of the characters will fill out in the coming books.

As for the setting and the pace. The setting is standard United States town. The pace is not too bad but I am sooooo over the alcoholic type of detective stereotype as well as the fact that no body likes Adila but almost all shows her a huge amount of respect. How does that work?

Here is the link to the full box set on Amazon.
The book on Goodreads.
Thanks to Goodreads you can read more about the author…
James Hunt;
James Hunt’s passion for writing began at an early age. While his journal of yesteryear may never be the work of great fiction, he’s been working hard every day since then to bring pages to life. James has well over a decade of writing under his belt, but his professional career in literature didn’t take off until 2014.

James currently lives in Orlando, FL and when he’s not pounding away at the keyboard you can find him at the theater or somewhere outside enjoying the beautiful Florida weather.

This book reads and listens as if it was written. The author fails to place the reader into the heart of action.

And on Audible

I can and do recommend these narrators though.