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You have reached the About Us section. So, read all about how we started on this journey. Our love for one another and books!

"Welcome to BluJeans Books: A Tale of Literary Passion and Unexpected Encounters"

Greetings, fellow bookworms, bibliophiles, and literary enthusiasts!

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Wanda, the proud proprietor of BluJeans Books. Our journey into the world of literature began twenty-six months ago, and it’s a tale filled with serendipitous encounters and a shared love for the written word.

Picture this: faced with an overflowing book collection and a penchant for literary indulgence, I found myself in need of a tenant to offset my book-buying tendencies. Little did I know that this seemingly mundane decision would lead to a whirlwind of adventures and unexpected connections.

Enter my tenant – a kindred spirit with a passion for literature and an insatiable curiosity. As we embarked on this literary escapade together, our days became filled with animated discussions about characters, plot twists, and the timeless allure of storytelling.

But our story doesn’t end there. What began as a simple arrangement blossomed into a friendship forged by a shared love for books and the magic they hold. Through stolen moments amid towering bookshelves and late-night discussions fueled by cups of steaming coffee, our bond grew stronger with each page turned and each story shared.

Today, as we welcome you to BlueJeans Books, we invite you to join us on our literary journey. Explore our collection of beloved classics, discover hidden gems waiting to be unearthed, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of literature.

With every book that finds a new home on our shelves, we celebrate the magic of storytelling and the joy of sharing that magic with others. So, grab a book, find a cozy nook, and let the pages transport you to new worlds and adventures unknown.

Welcome to BluJeans Books – where every book tells a story, and every reader finds a new adventure.

Wanda, Hantie and our beloved mascot.  Our bookish yorkie- Rocky.