A murdered nurse from Gezina in the Moot, 23 years later.

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Three years after they have supposedly served their prison term

Teenage ‘Adam and Eve’ Killers: A Chilling True Crime Story

Two angelic-looking teenagers shocked the nation as they stood trial for the brutal murder of 48-year-old Santa Pretorius. Describing themselves as ‘Adam and Eve,’ the young couple embarked on a gruesome plan that unfolded in a frenzy of violence in Pretoria, South Africa.

Emerged in the Pretoria High Court, the macabre details of the crime painted a disturbing picture. The teenagers stabbed Pretorius a shocking 20 times with knives, intending to mutilate her body and dispose of it down a toilet, but their plans took a twisted turn.

Amidst horrifying acts that included sex and eating jelly while the corpse lay nearby, the couple’s pledge of eternal love to each other sent shivers down the spines of many. Their twisted romance played out in court, revealing a disturbing lack of remorse for their heinous actions.

As the trial unfolded, it became apparent that these teenagers, who evoked images of innocence on the surface, had ventured far off the tracks of normalcy. Criminologist Irma Labuschagne painted a grim picture, highlighting a lack of remorse and pointing towards a case where the death penalty could have been warranted.

The sentencing revealed the severity of their crimes. Despite their young age, the court handed down a 20-year imprisonment sentence, marking the end of a terrifying saga that left many questioning the depths of human darkness.

Investigations into the role of drugs and possible ties to Satanism added layers of horror to an already gruesome tale. The community was left reeling from the shock as the true extent of the teenagers’ depravity came to light.

The story of ‘Adam and Eve’ serves as a stark reminder of the hidden dangers that lurk beneath seemingly normal facades. The tragic loss of Santa Pretorius at the hands of these young individuals unveils a chilling narrative that will forever haunt those touched by the case.

One more thing.  This is described as matricide but some reports talk about Eve’s parents not visiting her etc.  Not clear what the relationship was between the victim and the aggressors but I know that even 23 years later, we remember this horror taking place so close to home.  


Original Authors: Zelda Venter, IOL, News 24