A Killing in Paradise

by Elliot F. Sweeney

Narrated by Elliot Fitzpatrick

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Where does Paradise end?

Title: A Killing in Paradise
Author: Elliot F. Sweeney
Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick

Disclosure: I received an Advance Listening Copy (ALC) of this audiobook from the author, publishers, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Elliot Fitzpatrick, the narrator of “A Killing in Paradise,” truly excels in bringing this gripping police procedural to life. His narration is impeccable, with a crisp pace that keeps listeners engaged throughout. As someone whose second language is English, I appreciated Fitzpatrick’s clear enunciation and the way he skillfully brought out the nuances of the characters without overwhelming accents. His talent for pacing is particularly noteworthy, adding depth and tension to the narrative.

The book itself, as described by reviewers, is full of sharp psychological insights and grips the reader by the throat from the very start. Set in the notorious Paradise estate in London, where a young man has been murdered, the story is a promising and hard-hitting debut, according to the Sunday Times. It’s a gritty, unflinching thriller that satisfies on many levels, as noted by Woman’s Own.

Sweeney’s narrative follows the out-of-work private investigator Dylan Kasper as he navigates the complexities of the case, uncovering layers of deception and corruption. The plot is riveting, with twists and turns that keep you guessing until the very end.

Expected publication date: June 6, 2024.

In summary, Elliot Fitzpatrick’s stellar narration truly enhances the experience of “A Killing in Paradise.” I wholeheartedly give him five stars for a job very well done. Fans of police procedurals will find much to enjoy in this captivating tale.

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